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Help me support this amazing nonprofit! My initial goal is to raise $500 between now and November 9. I believe that with your help I can surpass this goal! This non profit is essential in exposing and stopping sex trafficking. Let’s help them continue their cause! You never know if and when someone close to you may need the assistance of The Demand Project .


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The Demand Project exists to eradicate human trafficking, online enticement, child abuse sexual material, and the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

TDP’s strategy for fighting these crimes is the Prevention of victimization through awareness and education; the Protection of victims/survivors by providing access to quality attorneys, restorative justice, and pursuing civil litigation; to assist law enforcement with the Recovery of victims by providing Victim Advocate Support Teams; and the Restoration of survivors by empowering them to choose their own Journey to Freedom through the non-residential and residential Journey to Freedom Program.